Web Design Trends for 2019 Staying current on web design trends is crucial to the success of your website. A lot changes every twelve months in terms of popularity with visuals, algorithm updates, and best practices. A website that looks sleek and modern today could look outdated and cheesy in just a few months’ time. That’s why […]

If you haven’t already heard, Facebook recently announced a re-focus of their News Feed algorithm which will see organic reach for Pages decline. Let’s look at 5 tips to help you boost engagement on Facebook. That’s not great for businesses, however organic reach on Facebook has been falling for years now – so while this […]

When we meet with potential web design clients, one of the first things we want to know is what are they looking for in a new website, and why do they think that they need a new one? The top two answers are; 1) We would like our new website to be mobile/responsive and easy […]

Click above for more How Important is Networking to Your Business? As a business owner and marketer, I find networking an invaluable tool in finding prospects and obtaining new clients. I belong to and I am active in several local networking groups and business associations. I consider myself an extrovert and I can easily engage […]