Open Aire Affairs

Open Aire Affairs is dedicated to providing the best outdoor locations for weddings in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Anyone looking for unique spaces for their special day will find that Open Aire Affairs offers beautiful locations to bring the most creative wedding day ideas to life.


Open Aire Affairs wanted a new website to highlight their beautiful outdoor venues and showcase magnificent tents available to make your event most special.


Open Aire Affairs desired a website that would look like a wedding website since their specialty is beautiful wedding venues with incredible tents.  We reviewed designs and color palettes together and we were able to create the website that Rae wanted to reflect her brand.


“Fred from FZP Digital was the perfect match for recreating our new website, “Open Aire Affairs.” With Fred’s expertise in website design, he created an easy to use wedding website that looks clean and flawless. I can now increase my website’s traffic to help my clients get a better feel for our company and book more weddings. Thanks Fred!”

RaeChani Wilson ~ Open Aire Affairs