Preservation Health, LLC

Located in Southampton, PA, the Preservation Health plan encompasses all of  adult medicine but has a heavy focus on lifestyle and wellness.


The existing website was outdated and because the backend had not been updated in quite a while, the website became useless. Our client reached out us to help create a new website and digital presence.


Our team met with the the office manager with input from the Physician on colors, style and how to best showcase their unique medical practice.


Our team offered guidance and support throughout the entire development process.  Along with Preservation Health, we wrote and rewrote content until a clean, beautiful website layout was established. Our goal was to create a modern website that would educate their patients about concierge medicine and the difference between that and traditional medicine as it is today, yet maintain some of the old-time characteristics of the doctor-patient relationship.


. We used their vision and our creativity.


“I would highly recommend Fred Poritsky and the whole team at FZP Digital for all of your business digital and marketing needs.


My husband and I own a small medical practice in Southampton, PA. Keith is an internist who has developed a special type of concierge membership program.


Our Preservation Health plan encompasses all adult medicine but has a heavy focus on lifestyle and wellness.  Lma Mineral Float, our sister facility, opened about a year and half ago to provide hydrotherapy programs.

“FZP digital is a great “one stop shop” for all types of business sectors.”

~ Vivi Sadel – Office Manger/Owner ~