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Fred Z. Poritsky
Chief Idea Consultant

My goal at FZP Digital is to combine my diverse skills in accounting, percussion and digital marketing to create the best digital marketing plan for my clients based on three simple principles known as the Golden Circle ~ Why, How and What:


  • Why: I chose to use all of my skills to create a digital marketing agency to design beautiful, functional websites and digital marketing packages for businesses and organizations to help enable them to grow.


  • How: I spend time learning about a potential client, what they are looking for in their organization, and what is their “Why.” I can build a far better website for them if I gain a clearer understanding of who they are and of their expectations.


  • What: I am not just throwing code and images into WordPress and hope for the best. I’m creating a way for my clients to grow their business or organization and be able to spend more time on their own Why, How and What.

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