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Website accessibility is becoming increasingly important. More consumers are shopping online than ever before. With an increase in online shopping, ensuring eCommerce sites are fully accessible to people with disabilities is becoming increasingly important for retailers. Website accessibility not only protects online businesses legally, it enhances the businesses’ reputation and boosts sales by enabling retailers to serve people with a large demographic of shoppers that require additional assistance.

After reviewing several web accessibility solutions, we selected accessiBe for many reasons. accessiBe is the leading AI-powered web accessibility solution that makes websites accessible to people with disabilities, and compliant with the WCAG, ADA, and other accessibility legislation. By using AI and automation, accessiBe signficantly reduces costs and time, making web accessibility achievable for all businesses.

Here are some of our interface’s capabilities:

Font Handling

We can increase and decrease font size, change type, adjust spacing, alignment, line height, and more.

Content Handling

Users can select various color contrast profiles such as light, dark, inverted, and monochrome. Additionally, users can swap color schemes of titles, texts, and backgrounds, with over 7 different colors.


Users with epilepsy can stop all running animations at the click of a button. This includes videos, GIFs and CSS flashing transitions.

Content Highlighting

Uers can emphasize important elements, such as links and titles. They can also highlight particular focused or hovered elements.


Users with hearing devices may experience headaches or other issues due to automatic audio playing. This option allows users to mute the entire website instantly.

On Demand Dictionary

We utilize a search engine that is linked to Wikipedia and Wiktionary, allowing people with cognitive disorders to decipher meanings of phrases, initials, and slang on the spot.


Users can change the cursor’s color and sizing, view in printing mode, enable a virtual keyboard, and much more.

How Our Accessibility Works

Website accessibility is becoming increasing important.

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