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Jill Laurinaitis
Lead Marketing Strategist

As the founder of Digital HumanKind Media, I specialize in developing strategic marketing communications plans, as well as lasting community and business relationships, to help businesses, nonprofits, and individuals achieve their goals. Fred and I collaborate on many projects together.


My background consists of practical experience and success in the many facets of digital and traditional media, as well as journalism roots from years spent as an editor/writer at major womens’ magazines and websites in NYC. This combination of skills empowers me to identify what information is most important to a target audience, the language and tone that’s most appealing, and the best, most appropriate means of delivering that information or messaging.


If you or your organization is not sure what type of marketing they should be focusing on, I specialize in identifying where your budget, time and effort is best invested for the greatest return. As an independent self-starter, I approach projects with enthusiasm, high creativity, and diplomacy.


I’m also active in community outreach, social media, and leadership, including advocacy for digital citizenship, media literacy, and parenting in the digital age.

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