According to a recent study, a vast majority of Small Businesses (SMBs) that use digital tools say these tools help them improve business performance and remain competitive. The research, carried out by Deloitte, confirms that digitally empowered SMBs achieve better financial results and higher employment growth. According to a recent study, a vast majority of [...]
More than 50% of our clients are women-owned businesses. They represent many segments of business including Consulting firms, CPA firms, Law firms, Retail Clothing establishments, Manufacturing companies, Interior Design firms, Hair Salons/Spas, Nonprofit organizations and more. Women are making inroads in business, both in America and around the world. Slowly but surely, more women are [...]
How to Name Your Law Firm and Protect It With a Trademark. Since FZP Digital has several law firm clients, I am always interested in any articles that I see about law firms best practices. Attorney Josh Gerben wrote this article for Attorney At Work, a wonderful online resources for attorneys. Let us know how [...]
If the last couple of months were setting a grade, then 2020 is all set to be a breathtaking experience in When it comes to social media marketing, there's a lot of misinformation, and a ton of unrealistic expectations set as a result. Luckily, marketers are blessed with a massive amount of data from social [...]
Are you looking for ways to increase digital marketing conversions? Would you like your website landing pages to convince more visitors to sign up with you? Brafton share their landing page best practices in this infographic. Here’s a quick summary: Action-orientated copyContrasting CTA coloursRemove the navigation menuUse images and videosRequest the right amount of infoKeep it simpleAlways be [...]
Digital Marketing is constantly changing as new technologies, new social media channels and consumers' needs continue to evolve and become more sophisticated. While trends are impossible to fully predict, Report Garden does a good job in highlighting the those trends that appear to be safe bets. To know where digital marketing is heading in 2018, [...]
Click above for more Why Is Planning A New Website Like Planning Your Vacation?   As many of us are beginning to think about our Summer vacation plans, at FZP Digital we have multiple websites in the planning and development stages.  I never thought of comparing a vacation to a website until I read a great [...]
FZP Digital is proud to announce the launch of our new website, as well as our rebranded Digital Marketing Digest Like any other business, we constantly review our own website to ensure that it fits the needs of our business model as well as that of our clients' needs. We now offer additional services as [...]