FZP Digital Heads To Word Camp US 2023!

Every year I look forward to going to camp. Well, not the kind of camp you are thinking of. Except for the Pandemic years, I have attended WordCamp Philly and WordCamp US.  WordCamp is a community-organized event that takes place around the world and cover everything related to WordPress, from how to use WordPress more effectively, to developing plugins and themes, to securing WordPress sites, and more. They typically last one to three days and attract hundreds or even thousands of WordPress users and vendors.

This year my wife Lynne and I enjoyed an incredible experience at WordCamp US held at the Gaylord Hotel and Conference Center at The National Harbor in Maryland from August 24 – 26. There were classes on an array of topics effecting WordPress developers such as, website accessibility, AI, ChatGPT, new features in the WordPress platform and much more. The speakers are experts in their fields and are happy to share their knowledge and experience with other developers and designers. This year’s WordCamp attracted approximately 2,000 attendees and a large group of vendor sponsors. I spent quite a bit of time meeting with companies that we use at FZP Digital to learn about updates to their products and how we can better help our clients. In addition, I met with many vendors that I have not used before to get a better understanding of how their products might be useful for future web development.

It’s always great to meet with other web developers who have the same concerns and issues as we do at FZP Digital. WordCamp is a very motivating experience and as FZP Digital celebrates our 10th Anniversary this year and I look back at all of the things that I have learned from the speakers and other attendees.

Watch the short video recap of some of my interactions at WordCamp US 2023.

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FZP Digital Heads To Word Camp US 2023!

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