7 Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate 2021

7 Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate 2021

I read a great article recently on Venngage.com.

Venngage creates beautiful Infographics that you can then customize for your own use.

With so many large scale changes in the world over the past year, brands haven’t been able to take many design risks this year. They also have to do a lot more with less this year.

So I believe they are going to really rely on old favorites like muted color palettes, serif fonts, and simple data visualizations for clear communication.

Things that invoke a sense of calm, understanding, and positivity in an ultra chaotic world.

Bold colors, brash fonts, and in your face marketing isn’t going to work now and into the future.

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What graphic design trends will dominate in 2021? Check out some of our biggest graphic design trends below.


Graphic Design Trends 2021:

  1. Muted Color Palettes
  2. Simple Data Visualizations
  3. Geometric Shapes Everywhere
  4. Flat Icons & Illustrations
  5. Classic Serif Fonts
  6. Social Slide Decks
  7. Text Heavy Videos